Vada Pav Girl Net Worth

Famously known as the “Vada Pav Girl,” Chandrika Dixit has become an internet sensation due to her culinary business in Mangolpuri. Her stall attracts many customers every day, eager to taste her delicious Vada Pav.

Chandrika’s journey began when she set up her Vada Pav stall, and a YouTuber filmed a food vlog featuring it, which went viral. Now, in this article, we’ll delve into Chandrika Dixit or the Vada Pav Girl’s biography and success story in Delhi.

Who is the girl selling Vada Pav in Delhi?

New Delhi residents are now flocking to Chandrika Gera Dixit’s food cart to savour the delicious Vada Pav she serves. She was born on November 19 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, and is around 35. After videos of her making and selling Vada Pav went viral, Dixit became famous overnight as Delhi’s ‘Vada Pav Girl’. Chandrika Gera Dixit is a Brahmin and runs this business with her husband. Some videos show long lines forming at her stall after they went viral. People are even waiting for hours to eat Vada Pav, She used to work at Haldiram before this.

What is the Address?

The Vada Pav Girl, Chandrika Gera Dixit, resides opposite Ramada Hotel, Pitampura, Delhi, in front of A.P.J. School.

Why did the Vada Pav Girl start making Vada Pav?

Their son’s health wasn’t good, which led them to quit their jobs. The husband and wife decided to set up a stall selling Vada Pav. Cooking was their passion, and they turned that passion into a business. In Delhi, most people serve Tikki under the name of Vada Pav. But they make it in Mumbai style. Chandrika says she is originally from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, and is giving the people of Delhi the taste of Mumbai.

Why is the Vada Pav Girl going viral?

The video shared on Instagram by the Foodballs handle depicts her in tears, claiming to face pressure from officials of the Delhi Municipal Corporation (MCD) to remove her food stall. She alleges that officials are demanding money, despite having recently paid them Rs. 30,000-35,000. She then calls her brother for help. The video does not explicitly state the reason behind the threat to shut down her food stall, the ‘Famous Vada Pav of Mumbai’, by MCD officials.

What is the Instagram ID of the Vada Pav Girl?

The Instagram username of the Vada Pav Girl is chandrika.dixit. She has 323K followers and, according to the latest report, has a total of 1234 posts.

What is the net worth of the Vada Pav Girl?

Amidst challenges, Dixit’s resilience has shown unexpected results. In a viral video highlighted by the Indian Express, she is seen emerging from the trunk of a stunning Ford Mustang worth over 76 lakhs, indicating that her income from both this luxury car and her Vada Pav business is substantial. Her shop is named “Famous Vada Pav of Mumbai”. Chandrika’s net worth is 5 lakhs.

Why was the Vada Pav Girl arrested?

Due to the crowd gathered around her stall, which became congested due to her fame, the police arrested her but later released her after explaining the situation.

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